Monday, November 2, 2009

Cooking is alchemy

Cooking is alchemy

So is a sink full of dirty dishes, or an empty one? I have finished my Monday Apothocreations and am, for the first time in a few weeks, feelings energized and relaxed by the completion, versus rushed and concerned about the next step. This week, and next week, I will only have two customers. It means my Sundays are mine, my Monday mornings are relaxed and there isn’t even any work on Tuesdays. Holy Cow! I will resume full delivery services on Nov 17th and will move into a bi-monthly delivery service.

This has been a crazy two months. It has been frightening, exhausting, and stresfull, but also so rewarding, exciting and successful! I am learning the balance of perfecting business practices and harnessing potential growth. I want to make sure I am keeping this sustainable, personal, and detailed. I am also excited for the future of Apothocurious. I have been making really exciting connections around the city. I am meeting folks leaving their jobs to create their dreams, building local gardens and urban farms, and everyone is cooperating and sharing the abundance of the bay area!

I am most stoked about:

The awesome farmers market down the st. from my house, grove and divis, every Sunday, every awesome veggie!
The free farmers market at 23rd and treat, you can donate abundance and take up gold!
My friend Allison is making and selling delicious custom ice cream and we trade!-ask me how you can get ahold of a quart!
SourFlour, this guy is giving away 1,000 loaves of bread, he is try to figure out funding to continue to give away bread for free!
Other fun friends who are in to sharing/trading goods for goods!
Experimenting with turning raw goods into tasty treats!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Anyone who might be interested in custom, homemade ice cream should contact me at allison dot yochim at gmail dot com. Cheers!