Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 minutes remaining

i have 2 minutes remaining to write a post. life is sweet. we are in the san juan islands telling folks we are the minstel cycles and serenading them. i am happy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More pictures have been acquired!

(Pic 1) These were my festi posse for Oregon Country Fair. (pic 2) Coco and I were co-workers, friends, family and shared a duplex back in the Headlands days. He and Clare Owl worked at Rosie's Desserts (pic 3 crew of co-workers) and I played music outside in exchange for free cheese cake (pic 4). What a rad deal. (pic 5) I made a hip Aussie friend too. Enjoy!

HEading out today!

Its 7 am and everyone in the house is either still asleep or already out for the day. We leave today, which means as soon as i wake up, i'm up. Its a curse and a blessing all at the same time, just like everything else.

We will head north from here (Vancouver BC) for our first real ride! We plan on riding 40 miles today. We are going north, then west (over Strait of Georgia and onto Vancouver Island) , then south to Victoria and hopefully the Olympic Peninsula if we have time.

here are some pics of maps of our route for the day and for the week/BC area.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I found internet in Canada! It wasn't that hard. In fact many (if not most or all) of the features found in America can be found in Canada. Minus the high rates of crime.

Rachel and I found our way from the train on Friday evening to our weekend home in Vancouver. A co-op of people like us, took us in, gave us beds, food and friends, and will remain in our hearts for the duration of this trip and longer.

We have had fun bike adventures, breakfasts, beach visits, wiener dog races, and much much more. Yesterday we spent the day with rad biking folks who biked us all over the town. We biked 30+ kilometers going from house to house, to races, to beach. its a hilly town, but it's bike friendly and no one in our group seemed to mind the distances. we were a very happy bike posse.

Today we have few plans, i want to buy a new helmet and attach a light to my bicycle. Rachel is upstairs rocking out on the guitar.

i am recovering well from the poison oak. its a bit itchy but no longer spreading, which is AWESOME!

We are planning on heading north tomorrow. We try to anticipate certain things, but really we have no idea. so our main plan is to head north and eventually get on a ferry west. we have tent and stove, so i think we are good. keep your thoughts on for good weather ey?

hope this finds you well.

ps rachel says hi

Thursday, July 15, 2010

i found 3 more!

many pictures have been taken, few have survived

I know in the past 2 weeks I have smiled for many a photo. Packing light and with minimal valuable electronics (cell phone and pen drive) I am reliant on the distribution of the photographers. In this case the photos have been provided by face book. So here you have the four photos that have made their way back to me to puzzle piece capture my journey. If you have more, please send them my way.

In other news hourly cleaning with tecnu and aloe are working magic tricks on my inner knee and shoulder and topical steroids are on the way. i try to keep it natural, but in the name of poison oak, i am owned by western meds.

Hope this finds you well. I am headed to Canada tomorrow. I bought my travel health insurance today and Rachel is probably going to buy her's this afternoon. I may be out of communications for the next 20 days. I imagine we will find a library or generous host here or there, but just in case, farewell until then. I will dream of you fondly:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today I write from my bed/friend’s couch in Seattle. I arrived Monday evening and have been recovering from a doubt of poison oak for the past two days. I tried the herbal route, but it doesn’t seem to be nipping it in the bud the way I need it to in order to head out tomorrow. I am moving on to militant hourly cleansing with Tecnu. If that doesn’t work I am hoping for a prescription of something a little stronger. Know any good doctors in Seattle?

In my distracted state of festival living I was assuming the itching was bug bites and was scratching away. Now I am healing a big patch on the back of my knee and a smaller patch on my shoulder, small spots on my stomach, and little dots on my ears and under my left eye. Gross, yes, but that’s what comes with reading my blog. The trials and tribulations of being a “diseased” house guest SUCK! But my hosts are nice about it and luckily have a washing machine so I will wash my clothes many times.

Rachel arrives tomorrow and we set off on our adventure to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the little islands in between (which ones is tbd), and The Olympic peninsula. Rachel flies out of Seattle on August 3rd. This year has been a great year for our friendship. We have discovered similar passions, beliefs, and frustrations with the world. We have enjoyed become best friends while riding our bikes, spending time with our crew of friends, and processing the world. A big part of me feels like I have been looking for this type of friendship my whole life, and I am so grateful to have finally found it. Now we get to spend 20 days together, hopefully we won’t kill each other : ). In September Rachel will move to Santa Barbara for a master’s degree in environmental science. She is one smart cookie, and I am so proud of her taking the next step. While I am sad we won’t live in the same place next year, I know we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

Well the Oregon Country Fair was a trip. Yes, the west coast sure does have an excessive amount of rave-esq weekend long parties and this was another one of them. Each one definitely takes on it's own unique vibe and I am grateful that I have been lucky enough to experience the similarities and differences of so many over my west coast sabbatical. The OCF is a ferrie hippie constructed, using mostly natural resources, with 30+ years of detailed and care, shopping mall. Booths and booths of hand crafted consumer goods line the paths way with the occasional beautifully decorated stage. I recently heard it described as a really great party that no one could afford to throw, so they invited the public. From 11am-7pm every day 20,000+ people stroll the streets of the fair to shop, eat, and watch talented performers. From 7pm-11am the workers take back the streets and shop, eat and watch talented performers with fewer crowds. I haven’t had enough distance to really conceptualize the whole experience to write more than that, but I’m glad I made it inside. I saw and experienced things that I imagine exist no where else in the world.

I'm off to take a nap and rest up for our big bike journey! I hope you all are well!


Monday, July 12, 2010

week 2 ish

Hey Friends,

miles traveled:972-ish
by bicycle:38
by fully loaded bicycle: 20.5

It is that time again. I have landed by a couch, computer, and friendly faces. I made my way from Eugene, OR to Seattle WA. I rode my fully loaded bike from the festival to Eugene today. It was roughly 20 miles. I had planned to catch a ride instead of bike but as I was attaching my bike to a car two rad ladies showed up with fully loaded bikes and invited me to ride with them. We cruised through the country side talking about dreams, experiences, and how to make biking more practical for all. It was the first ride of my trip, and I couldn't be more inspired, comfortable, and supported by the experience.

After another week of festivaling i am excited to hang out in seattle with very few things planned. I think I have picked up a bit of posion oak while camping and will spend tomorrow washing clothes, buying some technu, and relaxing. I will hopefully make phone calls and write e mails, so if you feel like connecting, give me a ring!

I will write more tomorrow. until then, sleep:)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello from the road

miles traveled:668
by bicycle:10
by fully loaded bicycle: .5

I have been traveling with Joe Peace (who is a total GEM to travel with) since Monday morning. Being on the road for the past week, it appears both Joe and I are happily sunk into living room furniture and the internet.

On Wednesday, June 30th I was picked up from my SF apt around 1:27pm by my two friends Liz and Erin. After a few urban pick ups we hit the road for High Sierra Music Festival. The festival was a blast. I scored with camping and was stoked out with a bunch of sweet ladies with tasty food. We camped in the center of the festival, next to the building that hosted the acoustic performances, chill evening shows, and really comfy inflatable red things. There were many rad city friends up for the weekend. I did yoga every morning. Sometimes normal yoga, sometimes acro yoga, and sometimes both. In the afternoons I helped Joe pass out his peace medallions.

I made a point of taking really good care of myself. I hid out in the tent or in the "living room" while I slowly adapted to the festival vibe. I got to send really great quality time with close friends who were attending the festival. I was much more interested in hanging out with my current friends than making new ones or going to see shows and that felt really good.

Joe and I hit the road on Monday morning and camped along the way a few miles away from Mt Shasta. We found a cool campground and I got to enjoy nice evening and morning hikes. Joe is a super chill travel buddy. We both enjoy tasty and healthy food, taking it slow, and talking about peace/life.

I will be helping Joe and his wife Ashley out at the Oregon Country Fair. I have to start looking for a ride up to Seattle. I will be meeting Rachel there next Thursday (the 17th) and while I could ride my bike, I don't think i could do it quite in time to meet her, so I am hoping to find a road trip buddy who is interested in taking a day or two to get there. I wouldn't mind visiting friends in Portland. So folks, if you know anyone heading from Eugene to Seattle next week, please direct them to me! (434 825 2890)

Most importantly, I feel healthy, happy and grateful for my opportunity to ride the waves of travel, experience, and joy. Smiles, hugs, and connection to all of you. Thanks for taking the time to read (all or some of) this.