Friday, May 20, 2011

If you sublet would be looking at pictures of your house right now

I am headed off on a summer adventure, but my room gets lonely! Want to sublet it from me from June 13th (ish)-Sept 30th(ish) (aka, dates are semi negotiable)?

This is the front stoop.

This is the glorious kitchen

And this is my room. excellent mattress, room for 2 people to do yoga at the SAME TIME!, no closet, but nice shelving/hanging space. It gets GREAT afternoon light. the room can come with guitar and mandolin if you are into music...

The house… is small. It has been rented for many years "as is" so it is a little rough around the edges. we have four bed rooms, a decent sized kitchen (with stainless steel prep table and lots of good cooking stuff), a small bathroom with a sink, toilet and a shower, and a storage room with a futon in it(used for storage, guests, and dinner party over flow). No living room. Located in the panhandle neighborhood. One block from the 21 and the 5 bus line, 2 blocks from the park, central and fulton, google it! The rent is 450/mo + 35/mo for internet, electricity, toilet paper & dish soap. I would like either all money up front or some sort of deposit/agreement. most apartments in SF are expensive, the smallness of the apt is one of the ways we save on rent.

The roomies:

2 cats: rainbow and bean. Friendly, potty trained, and otherwise tolerable/cuddly

roomie 1: in his 40s. works a lot, keeps to himself, but is very enjoyable (in my opinion) to be around, mediates

roomie 2 (me): in her late 20's, working at a cafe and Hayes valley farm, riding bikes, yoga, and living the city life. vegan

Roomie 3: in her late 20's, musician, fun gal, works @ a cafe, loves life, and is going on tour this summer, so she will be gone for a few weeks too.

The vibe: the house is small & the walls are thin. We are open to establishing rules/expectations that help everyone share space in the most comfortable of ways. We all ride bikes, and keep our bikes in the hallway. We live light, or at least try to. We mostly enjoy the party outside of the house, but have friends over for dinner occasionally.

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