Wednesday, June 30, 2010

good byes, adventures, and cup cakes.

It’s Wednesday, June 30, 2010. I didn’t think this day was ever going to come. In fact I thought tomorrow would make a better today, but my ride leaves at noon, and in my commitment to flow with the current of the world, I will go with it. I am headed up to High Sierra, a music festival with 5-6,000 participants, and a crew of some of my favorites.

I will be prancing around with homies, dancing to good tunes, and helping my friend Joe Peace spread his message to the world. Peace. Joe makes peace medallions and spreads the peace far and wide at festivals throughout the year. He suggests a donation of $3-10 for one of his necklaces. People gather from all directions of the festival, grateful for the perfect memory and message. For years Joe has been on my radar. I received my first medallion at a festival 3 years ago. I wore it every day and on my travels. I ran across people all around the country, who either wondered what it was or knew because they had interacted with it before. This message of peace is spreading far and wide and it comes in a million different languages. The benefit (and dream) of this message is that is folks from different cultures and languages recognize this medallion on an enemy speaking a different language, hopefully they can find a common ground in their mutual desire for peace. It’s a big dream, but the option of monitoring the showers vs. spreading the peace train, is an easy choice for me.

After High Sierra I am off to Oregon Country Fair. From there I will find a ride (fingers crossed) from Eugene to Seattle where I will meet Rachel for our 17 day bicycle tour around Vancouver, Vancouver Island, The Olympic Peninsula, and back to Seattle for Camp Ten Trees (Gay Camp!!!). I plan on being back in the bay by September 1st, but am very hopeful that I can do this without a plane ticket. I am tempted to ride, but it doesn’t look like I will have the time (I despise this excuse).

I was inspired to write this blog this morning because I was reflecting on what a delightful gathering I was apart of last night. My close friends have been getting together for dinner every Tuesday for the past year.5( at least) and last night was an array of new and old faces and long hugs. I couldn’t feel more grounded in my community in preparation of my departure. It also couldn’t be harder to leave such delightful faces. But that’s why I decided to go for 2 months at a time instead of 2 years. So to any of you reading this, and any one reading this, thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive, and open friend along this journey we call life.

Well I am to finish packing/cleaning. Smiles, hugs, and tasty food.

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