Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello from the road

miles traveled:668
by bicycle:10
by fully loaded bicycle: .5

I have been traveling with Joe Peace (who is a total GEM to travel with) since Monday morning. Being on the road for the past week, it appears both Joe and I are happily sunk into living room furniture and the internet.

On Wednesday, June 30th I was picked up from my SF apt around 1:27pm by my two friends Liz and Erin. After a few urban pick ups we hit the road for High Sierra Music Festival. The festival was a blast. I scored with camping and was stoked out with a bunch of sweet ladies with tasty food. We camped in the center of the festival, next to the building that hosted the acoustic performances, chill evening shows, and really comfy inflatable red things. There were many rad city friends up for the weekend. I did yoga every morning. Sometimes normal yoga, sometimes acro yoga, and sometimes both. In the afternoons I helped Joe pass out his peace medallions.

I made a point of taking really good care of myself. I hid out in the tent or in the "living room" while I slowly adapted to the festival vibe. I got to send really great quality time with close friends who were attending the festival. I was much more interested in hanging out with my current friends than making new ones or going to see shows and that felt really good.

Joe and I hit the road on Monday morning and camped along the way a few miles away from Mt Shasta. We found a cool campground and I got to enjoy nice evening and morning hikes. Joe is a super chill travel buddy. We both enjoy tasty and healthy food, taking it slow, and talking about peace/life.

I will be helping Joe and his wife Ashley out at the Oregon Country Fair. I have to start looking for a ride up to Seattle. I will be meeting Rachel there next Thursday (the 17th) and while I could ride my bike, I don't think i could do it quite in time to meet her, so I am hoping to find a road trip buddy who is interested in taking a day or two to get there. I wouldn't mind visiting friends in Portland. So folks, if you know anyone heading from Eugene to Seattle next week, please direct them to me! (434 825 2890)

Most importantly, I feel healthy, happy and grateful for my opportunity to ride the waves of travel, experience, and joy. Smiles, hugs, and connection to all of you. Thanks for taking the time to read (all or some of) this.


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