Monday, February 14, 2011

Apothocurious is...

Apothocurious is...

Apothocurious is a dream that has manifested into a name via a thesis. Instead of going in directly to grad school after college, I decided to create my own thesis and see what I could discover in the world.

The thesis: I will research communities, transportation and food distribution. The infrastructures that support them, the systems that break them down, and the human experience that enriches it all.

All three are tied together, an individual’s access to one, often defining their access to another.

Apothocurious has fed many bellies, hosted many events, sponsored communities in need, and stuck stickers far and wide. It fills a need for me to create, to share, and to interact with others.

After hosting the Urban Eating League last night, I am reinvigorated to let Apothocurious out of the closet, no longer afraid of the power this name holds.

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