Friday, February 4, 2011

The Plan

When is the last time you walked to the top of Corona Heights Park (in SF)? It is one of my new top 10 SF Urban Hikes. I had the privilege to walk up there with my older brother who is in town for the weekend. As far as older brothers go, he upheld his responsibilities and helped me get a little mental structure in order to set some goals that will help me follow my dreams and fully seek/experience happiness.

Annie Londonderry (the first woman to bike around the world circa 1884) said that every good adventure starts with a wager. My brother and I shook on a deal that challenged me to grow my love of biking and food into a way for me to not only support myself, but also send my nephew to college. I am not sure I can win or lose our bet, if i succeed i am to finance Avery's college, if i loose i just have to buy him a bicycle. Regardless, my nephew is adorable and awesome and i couldn't be more excited to have him as my motivation to dust off the old blog and get back into writing.

I start with the first goal of spending one hour, hopefully in the morning, every otherday, blogging, researching other blogs, and setting some structure into this fare fetched plan.

Tonight I will take part in San Francisco's 2nd ever Bike Party! I hope to see you there!

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