Monday, June 29, 2009

The First Request

Hey friends,

To those of you who never got the ALC update, I apologize, to those of you whom have already heard it, keep on scrolling to the next paragraph. The fundraiser at El Rio was a huge success, and I couldn’t have done it without you, the folks who came out, the wonderful friends who donated so much of their time and resources, and the performers, Thank you. The money raised went to a great cause, and the ride was a phenomenal experience. I have continued to find my passion for cycling, and it only gets better to do with a huge community working for a great cause!

I am headed out of SF for an adventure across country for the next two months. Unfortunately my sublet that I had lined up for the next two months bailed on me on Saturday and I am trying to leave town on Thursday, July 2nd. I’m scrambling to get a ton of things done before my adventure so this is a call to all of you, my family, friends, and community to see if you can help me with any of these things. If you cant, not a single worry, it just seems to make since to ask before I go, here's what I am looking for in life over the next week:

A Sublette (or collection of Sublette’s, I have one person who needs it just for the month of July, and someone else who just needs it for July 15-Aug15, so filling in some of the gaps) to cover my rent of 1030 from July 2-aug 31st.

A camping stove (either car or back packing or both), or any other kitchen camping supplies

Bike touring stuff, panniers, racks, tools, and a tune up. (I am planning on bike touring the big national parks in between here and Virginia!)

Info: anything, any free camping(blm land), any one, any adventure you know about anywhere between here and Virginia (via the northern route). During my journey I will be studying bike touring, health, communication, music, culture, rivers, and solitude. I can’t wait, but also have lots of nerves too:) check out my blog for more details on where I am headed!

Smiles, safe travel wishes, and random phone calls while I am away to remember how awesome my community is:)

I know I am embarking on a journey of great privilege, and so I'm grateful for these challenges that remind me that if my biggest worries are finding a sub-letter and a camping stove so I can tour the country, I'm doing ok. I also fully believe that everything will work out fine, but gotta ask for help when I need it.

I will attempt to keep a blog while I journey, a personal collection of thoughts and experiences often painted with words of feelings and emotions. In the past I have sent out regular e mail that includes my blog like updates, I’m hesitant to use the same e mail list from years ago, so I will gladly create a new one, or just direct you to my most recent blog, my postings are never simply a statement, always a conversation or question. I hope you all enjoy. I go with the intention of self-discovery, facing the demons inside of myself, and proving a personal philosophy that "it can be done."

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