Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whats up universe

So I have to keep reminding myself that the universe always sends me a little challenge before I head off, or right at the beginning on my trip, to make sure I really want to go. Well, this one sure is a big one. I am having trouble finding a Sublette for my apt, leaving me responsible for $ 1000 of rent, my bike needs $200+ of work (and $200+ of work that I am ignoring until I return or desperately need it) and some of the camping/bike touring equipment I need for this trip is HELLA expensive. But I guess this is why I saved my money all year. I am waiting for the universe to remind me that everything is connected and its all goooood.

I am leaving this city on Thursday whether I am ready to go or not, but I would sure like to get a few more things done!

Anyway, in between running all over town to find specific (and expensive) bike parts, doing a million internet things and sublette things, I have been doodling around with map quest, here is my intended route. I don’t have Missoula on there, but I have friends there I would like to see, so I am gunna see how things go.

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