Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's next?

So what’s next you ask? Well I am headed back into the woods, this time, not alone. No I don’t think much more of my trip will be alone. I have friend dates up the wazoo for the next month. On Sunday I meet up with California friends in Hart, Michigan. We (4,000 or so Womyn) will all be attending the Michigan Womyn’s fest, a high light/purpose for this “detour” through Michigan. On the 10th I meet up with my best friend from college, Boo, and we will bike tour some part of Michigan, probably Sleepy Bear Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan. Then on down to Athens, where we learned how to drink, I mean learned about important stuff and majored in it, and meet up with our old roommate, teammate and great buddy, Jen, and live up the nostalgia of our old college town! I will do some more Ohio friend visiting in Columbus and stop off in Yellow Springs to help celebrate the love of two wonderful friends of mine, Michelle and Brian as they get married in the Little Miami. Not on it, not by it, but IN the river. I can’t wait. This is the same river where I took a handful of leaders in training ( 8th grade girls from Camp Oty Okwa) on a canoe trip my first session as a summer camp counselor many years ago. The place holds many other important memories from me, and I look forward to visiting an old home and heart (hart) friends.

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