Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello friends

Wow, in my new form of travels where I visit with old friends and wander around my old living environments I have become detached from the blog, my deepest apologizes! But all has been going very well. I have been floating on the good vibes of the Michigan Womyn’s Festival where I became so empowered in my own personal strength, in my sisterhood, and in the possibilities of the world. In Ohio I have been doing lots of that too! I stopped in Toledo and visited with my buddy Boo and her wonderful family. They took me in, fed my belly, and let me do my laundry! Boo and I had wonderful adventures full of bike riding, aqua jogging and silly games that entertain our competitive selves in silly fashions. Boo and I headed south and continued the visits with friends in Columbus and Athens. Our other college roommate came down and we had more fun adventures. After Boo and Jen headed home I met up with my travel sister Wormz and we found good ways to get into trouble in Athens, enjoying some of the finest eats and treats in town! I am continuing to wander around the greater southeastern Ohio area by visiting Columbus, Yellow Springs and more! I am most excited for the wedding this afternoon which will be a reunion of many great Athens people! I’m here till Sunday when I do the last leg of the drive to my folks house.

My nephew Avery Layson has been born, and is now 10 days old. I can’t wait to go visit him. My mom is there now and says he is adorable, woohooo!

I am grateful for this time to visit with friends, explore health, music, food, and people. My biggest challenge/focus? Staying present. I am very excited to get back to SF and put my roots back into the water there, and am trying to set my intentions without being too distracted from being right here, right now. I am attempting to incorporate what I learn in this moment, towards what I want for the future, but momentum, expectations, and patterns always challenge that, but I bet you know that.

As i mentioned before i am hosting a We are here and we are all older party in SF at Dolores Park on Saturday afternoon (1 or 2 ish?) the 29th, please bring a dish to share, a game to play, and a smile!

And in other cool news, a room is opening up in my Apt, oct 1(or sept 15th if nec) i live with two guys and two cats, in a small, quiet apt in Nopa. If you want to join our family, lemme know if will give you more details. rent is cheap, the place is small, but the potential is HUGE, we are going to establish community, respect, and communication, this is a perfect time to join and create with us!

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