Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm back

I just had my planning meeting with my bestie who is joining me for a few weeks of my summer journey. I am counting down the days until I am done working. I am buying and building all the infrastructure for my bike. I am talking to friends who have been here, seen that, or know this. I am getting all googly eyed over google maps. I am getting ready!

I believe in seasonal employment. And the season for employment is up. I've worked my ass of this year, working 2-5 jobs, starting my own business, biking all over town, DIYing, trading, and saving to go on this journey. It is time. The first leg of the rest of the journey of the rest of my life.

July 1st sub-letter moves in (thanks seth!) and Rose hits the road with bike, mandolin, and one pair of pants. The route will take me by van-again and truck to two festival, High Sierra (see you there!) and Oregon Country Fair. From there I will have one week to meet Rachel in Vancouver where we will travel for 3 weeks, north, west, south, south, and east, to Seattle via the gulf islands. The rest of August will be spent at Camp Ten Trees and around Seattle.

I have no clue what this journey will bring me. Last summer brought me solo camping and Apothocurious.

I spend a lot of time day dreaming, and I am finally following out those dreams. I dream about living off my bicycle. I dream of cooking food. I dream of meeting strangers and trading stories, tables, and hugs with them. I dream of freedom. This is one step closer to finding it. I dream of writing again. Here we go!

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