Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Hello ApothoCustomers!

I hope this e-mail finds you well. After April reflections and system modifications (fancy words for taking a frickin’ break) I have decided that next step to being a culinary adventure is to go on a culinary adventure! June, July and August will be full of bicycle travels, northwestern adventures, and new personal challenges. I will continue to learn about food production, ethics and cooking! In September, when the hibernation winds start blowing I will probably (unless this biking around the world dream just takes me away) put my roots back into the SF ground. Apothocurious has had so many successful experiences this year that I am excited to see what direction it takes next!

The future:
If Apothocurious is going to go on it needs a big kitchen, a business plan, and maybe even a business partner. The last two are already in process, but I need your help on this kitchen dream. I am putting out my feelers for a big (low-to-zero cost) kitchen (preferable in the NOPA area) with lots of fridge space. Ideally this is not in a personal home, though details can be worked out. Maybe even on with sweet equipment!
You are probably wondering what you should do with those fun jars you are juggling. Well you can either A. consider your deposit a donation/investment for the future to Apothocurious or B. Request either your second set of jars or deposit to be delivered to your door. E mail for more details!

This year:
Apothocurious delivered Hummus, Salad, Salsa and Pesto biweekly to over 30 customers. We hosted a Sidewalk Brunch feeding over 100 folks. Throughout the year we took on a variety of specialty customers, personal dinners, raw foods, and catering events. We even had a wonderful intern help us for 5 months. I declare this dream a success.
With the help of supportive customers like you, Apothocurious was able to make a $200 donation to two local women’s shelters in SF. We even got the money matched, totaling $400! The donation was made in honor of all of the wonderful volunteers, customers, and supporters of Apothocurious. We couldn’t have done it with out you, and we wouldn’t have wanted to.

In closing, thank you to everyone who helped make this dream come true. I am infinitely grateful. Stay tuned for updates from the journey!

a million thank yous,
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