Thursday, July 15, 2010

many pictures have been taken, few have survived

I know in the past 2 weeks I have smiled for many a photo. Packing light and with minimal valuable electronics (cell phone and pen drive) I am reliant on the distribution of the photographers. In this case the photos have been provided by face book. So here you have the four photos that have made their way back to me to puzzle piece capture my journey. If you have more, please send them my way.

In other news hourly cleaning with tecnu and aloe are working magic tricks on my inner knee and shoulder and topical steroids are on the way. i try to keep it natural, but in the name of poison oak, i am owned by western meds.

Hope this finds you well. I am headed to Canada tomorrow. I bought my travel health insurance today and Rachel is probably going to buy her's this afternoon. I may be out of communications for the next 20 days. I imagine we will find a library or generous host here or there, but just in case, farewell until then. I will dream of you fondly:)

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