Monday, July 12, 2010

week 2 ish

Hey Friends,

miles traveled:972-ish
by bicycle:38
by fully loaded bicycle: 20.5

It is that time again. I have landed by a couch, computer, and friendly faces. I made my way from Eugene, OR to Seattle WA. I rode my fully loaded bike from the festival to Eugene today. It was roughly 20 miles. I had planned to catch a ride instead of bike but as I was attaching my bike to a car two rad ladies showed up with fully loaded bikes and invited me to ride with them. We cruised through the country side talking about dreams, experiences, and how to make biking more practical for all. It was the first ride of my trip, and I couldn't be more inspired, comfortable, and supported by the experience.

After another week of festivaling i am excited to hang out in seattle with very few things planned. I think I have picked up a bit of posion oak while camping and will spend tomorrow washing clothes, buying some technu, and relaxing. I will hopefully make phone calls and write e mails, so if you feel like connecting, give me a ring!

I will write more tomorrow. until then, sleep:)


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  1. guess who I just added to my rss feeeeeds??

    ...dont know why it took me so long.

    call home when you get a chance! we missss you!