Monday, July 19, 2010


I found internet in Canada! It wasn't that hard. In fact many (if not most or all) of the features found in America can be found in Canada. Minus the high rates of crime.

Rachel and I found our way from the train on Friday evening to our weekend home in Vancouver. A co-op of people like us, took us in, gave us beds, food and friends, and will remain in our hearts for the duration of this trip and longer.

We have had fun bike adventures, breakfasts, beach visits, wiener dog races, and much much more. Yesterday we spent the day with rad biking folks who biked us all over the town. We biked 30+ kilometers going from house to house, to races, to beach. its a hilly town, but it's bike friendly and no one in our group seemed to mind the distances. we were a very happy bike posse.

Today we have few plans, i want to buy a new helmet and attach a light to my bicycle. Rachel is upstairs rocking out on the guitar.

i am recovering well from the poison oak. its a bit itchy but no longer spreading, which is AWESOME!

We are planning on heading north tomorrow. We try to anticipate certain things, but really we have no idea. so our main plan is to head north and eventually get on a ferry west. we have tent and stove, so i think we are good. keep your thoughts on for good weather ey?

hope this finds you well.

ps rachel says hi

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