Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And we're off!

Good morning Friends,

As I am slicing my dumpster dove bread from a Seattle bakery’s parking lot, I am struck with my inspiration for travel. I do it for the people. By choosing to leave my bed, my job, my grocery store, my community, I am forced to find short-term replacements at each location. At each stop I get to form new connections, or build from past interactions. I enjoy reflecting on each experience for its distinction from and parallel to my own life; past, present and future. I am fascinated and inspired by the challenge of creating by own momentary life by sharing the lives of those around me.

The bread struck this thought because I “scored” it with two friends (pictured above) who generously showed me their secret bread spot, after welcoming me into their home, their couch, and filling my belly with tasty food and good stories. I made a connection with both of these friends while we were volunteering in New Orleans two winters ago. I am moved by their generosity, dedication to volunteer work and joyful hearts and open minds which keep us connected through our distance.

Along my west coast travel, and part of the reason it has taken me so long to leave, I have been graced with visiting many friends, and I am a million times grateful for their willingness to connect their hearts, minds, and lives with mine. As I get ready to jump off into a little more solo time, park land, and self reflection; a million thank you’s for the beautiful conversations, awesome swims, and tasty ice creams that I have shared with you along this west coast, it will keep me coming back for more: )

Seeing all of the diversity in this world strengths my life in unimaginable ways, and I am forever grateful. I am also forever encouraging others to take a similar, but individually unique, journey as well. I secretly believe (and hope) that everyone kind of already does. That is why I share my experiences. I am motivated by the ability to prove that “it can be done.”

I hope you find your dreams in your days.

this is my buddy Ethan from the OCF he is an observationist too.

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