Monday, July 20, 2009

This is me sometimes

Well folks, it is time. I’ve got to load up my car with all the luxuries of life I have unloaded into this house. No more bug free evenings, yogurt, or Internet for a while. I mean life on the road isn’t that bad, its not like those things aren’t hard to find. It’s actually quiet amazing how connected I can be if I want to, or how disconnected I can be if I get to!

I am headed a bit south and a bit east today, to check out Yellow Stone, then on to the Bad Lands. I will see Mt. Rushmore too. My friend has sent me on a mission to see the back room! I am slowly getting into the rhythms of travel. I tend to adapt quickly to things, but that has a 2-week expiration date, and then I have to take big steps back and adapt slowly. So I am trying to be kind to myself, adjusting to camping, solitude, and new places. I haven’t been totally committed to my goals of this trip, for example, I sure as hell do not do yoga every morning like I had hoped, but I am hanging solo, working on my guitar, and paying attention to my inner workings, to the best of my ability at least.

I have seen some very cool stuff, and interacted with some amazing people, and I bet that in the past 17 days you have too! These people and things are amazing lessons in magic. Frustrating, pleasant, or silly, it is a fun experience to have, process, and grow from! I encourage you to share you stories with me or with others. I believe we are just want to be loved and accepted and that hopefully comes through relationships, and sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences, definitely helps form relationships, right?

I don’t know when I will be back on the internet, it probably wont be too long. I have to stop in a town soon and get an oil change, so I will probably find internet there. I will be at a friends house next weekend, and can provide you with an address if anyone wants to send anything!


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