Monday, July 13, 2009

Changing plans and running late, in such a good way

Hello Friends,

Here is a quick update. If I spend too much time near the computer I will never leave the house. Some plans changed, as they always do, and I have been running late, as I tend to. I made it to Seattle yesterday by lunch time, caught up with my buddy Daniel, hashed out music theory with my buddy Michael, and had an adventure with Rae. I am pretty committed to this tent thing, and ended up setting up my house in my buddies back yard. The car is my home, and the tent is my bedroom. My bedroom stays a whole lot neater than the home because I have to break it down every day.

I might stay in Seattle till Wednesday. I think I will have plenty of time to have a solo journey across the country, through the parks I want to see, even if it is just for a few days at each park, to make it to Minnesota for the MJ dance party.

I am grateful for this time to reflect, experience, and SEE the enchantment, demons, and truth that exist here in our culture.

I am off to ride my bike around Seattle, enjoy the Honey Hole, which Natalie says is the best sandwich is Seattle, and find some woods to romp around in. Hopefully crossing paths with fun friends this evening☺ Hope this finds you well!


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