Saturday, July 25, 2009

pre brief

So last night when I arrived in Minnesota I wrote a summary of my week long journey in the woods. It was wild to attempt to recap all of the things, people, and thoughts that I have intersected with along my path. This is a wild journey, and it is always so shocking to come back to reality with my feet on the ground and friends and family around me.

I have been spending so many days driving in the car, looking around me, on the country roads, feeling the towns. I cant wait to do this by bicycle! I think I will post the long detailed posting, but don’t feel obligated to pick up every detail. This post is just details, I’m waiting for the bulk of the feelings, goals, and future production to come out.

Something I didn’t mention was that yesterdays drive was spent mostly thinking about pate, I cant wait for access to a kitchen to my my apothocurious dreams come true.

Here are the details. Soon coming are some reflections.

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