Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to get real

Time to get real. And how do we do that? We talk about FOOD! Visiting Minneapolis has been a tour of friends, lakes and FOOD!. Without a really good cooling system, which a lazy cooler doesn’t suffice, I have had limited meat consumption. Have no fear, I have made up for it in this town! Japanese bbq, Michael Jackson tribute bbq and the dinner I shared with my buddies last night, I am sitting in protein heaven right now:)

While discussing my route with my wonderful friend Cassidy, we arranged to meet in Minneapolis to visit her family along the way. Two other friends were able to join in the weekend fun as well. After a tour of the city’s lakes and rooftop bars, we ventured to this amazing restaurant. There was a special deal; any salad and entrĂ©e for $19. Most of their entrees were well over $23, and they had ever reason to be. The restaurant was a very innovative, well thought out, gourmet spot that did it right! Everyone had the arugula salad, which has baby fennel, an orange puree, ginger sauce and a piece of grapefruit, that I didn’t hate. For the entrees; I order the venison, accompanied by cherries, a chocolate sauce, some sort of noodle delight, and peanuts, Ben had the lamb roast, Morgan the Halibut, and Cassidy the Duck. I am grateful for friends who do not mind sharing bites, because everyone’s food was unbelievable! I have been grazing on peanut butter, broccoli and bread and cheese for the past month, so this weekend has been such a wonderful treat of good eats! Thank you Minneapolis!

I have taken up shop on The Favor Family’s’ Volley ball court which is on the edge of the lake. It makes for beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and great nights sleep. I am grateful for the hospitality and fun this family has provided me!

This trip has been broken down into sections. Each time I pause from the solitude section, I am grateful for family or friends who allow me to clean up, connect with folks far away, and prepare for my next leg of the trip!

From here I am off on my last solo trip. I am venturing up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. I am not too sure what I will find. I have scoped two amazing national sea shores that I would like to check out, so I imagine that is in the cards, but am afraid they might be pretty busy!

I am kind of hoping to find a spot to stay for most of the week, but want to enjoy the last moments of being solo. So if anyone knows of a spot where I can set up shop and hang for a minute with my guitar and clean water, maybe even a cabin in the woods, let me know!


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